Viscariello Hospitality Group Restaurant Brands Volunteer for Lasagna Love Meal Donations in South Shore Communities—February 23, 2023


PLYMOUTH, MA (February 23, 2023) - Giving the gift of great tasting, homemade pasta dishes to the good people in our communities who are in need has always been an important part of the Viscariello Hospitality Group’s (VHG) mission and overall commitment to the South Shore of Massachusetts. VHG has partnered with Lasagna Love (, a global nonprofit and grassroots movement that aims to positively impact communities by connecting neighbors with neighbors through homemade meal delivery. 

The Lasagna Love mission is simple: feed families, spread kindness, and strengthen communities. Those in need of a nutritious, filling meal can sign-up, with no questions asked, for a one-time or recurring delivery. No matter the size of the family or reason for the need, Lasagna Love and its volunteers are available.

All eight of VHG brand restaurants will be donating a pasta meal to a family in need every month through the Lasagna Love matching program. Each of our six Mamma Mia’s restaurants in Plymouth Waterfront, Plymouth Pinehills, Kingston, Marshfield, Carver, and Hanson, as well as ThreeV in Plymouth and Carmela’s in Kingston will be matched with a family in need from their community and deliver these meals on the assigned date. 

The employees of VHG make these meal donations possible through their generous commitment to serving the community and overall love of food and paying it forward to people who need it most.

We look forward to telling these stories and sharing our experiences in our partnership with the South Shore community and Lasagna Love. 

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